Post written by : Steve
Post written by : Steve

The History of Digital Audio

Thanks to Philippe Chambin for including us in his marvelous and comprehensive “History of Digital Audio” post on! So what’s happened in the 21st Century so far? …Audio recordings can be de-mixed, to isolate individual instruments! Something that I considered a Holy Grail of Audio in the ‘90s. A … Continue reading

Audionamix 2016 Staff Album Picks

As audio engineers and audio software designers/testers/specialists, we spend most of our days with headphones on. Most of the time we’re listening to sound related to our current projects, but once in a while we unplug and dance around to the music that moves our bodies and souls. Without further … Continue reading

Audionamix goes “North by Northwest”

Though Hitchcock’s “North by Northwest” is almost 50 years old and well-known, a recent screening at the London Coliseum had a twist that no one in attendance had experienced. It wasn’t the film itself; Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint, and James Mason followed the same story of intrigue and thrills … Continue reading

InterBEE 2016 Recap

Another year, another great trip to Japan to attend the InterBEE convention and meet up with our friendly neighborhood partners at Crypton! Rick got things started, meeting with the Pokemon Corporation, UltraMan and Nippon TV (Japan’s largest broadcast network). The topic of discussion was our music dissociation and dialogue isolation … Continue reading

How to Fix Low-level Dialogue in Production Audio with ADX SVC

Have you ever needed to increase the volume of low-level dialogue in production audio? Audio can be recorded without the proper gain structure, lowering the signal to noise ratio and making dialogue too quiet. When you increase the level of the dialogue, you also increase the level of the noise. ADX SVC … Continue reading

How to Adjust Dialogue Within a Full Mix with ADX SVC

Have you ever needed to adjust the level of dialogue relative to music or effects within a film or TV mix, but didn’t have access to the multi-track session? You might need to turn down a backing track, or simply raise the level of the dialogue without affecting the other sounds … Continue reading

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