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ADX-VEX is a cloud-based service for the extraction of the main melodic content from polyphonic musical pieces. ADX-VEX is available through a cross-platform (Mac OS X, iOS, Windows) C++ library that allows for the communication of your client/server application with the Audionamix cloud extraction servers.

ADX-VEX takes an audio buffer as input and returns a buffer in the same format containing the separated melodic content and it’s complimentary music file. ADX-VEX is capable of working with mono and stereo files.

Innovative algorithms

Audionamix has been actively involved in the audio source separation community for more than 10 years, presenting advances in major research conferences and collaborating on innovative European projects with prestigious academic and industry partners. This research and collaboration culminated in Audionamix developing a set of patented algorithms combining cutting-edge machine learning methods and digital signal processing techniques.

With ADX-VEX, Audionamix now makes its state-of-the-art melodic extraction technology available for use in your own applications. Thanks to the cloud computing architecture, the Audionamix R&D team continuously integrates improvement and optimization of the algorithms through seamless server updates.


In addition to the fully-automated separation mode, ADX-VEX provides you with a set of optional parameters that can be used to adapt the separation to specific use cases. One can, for example, enhance the extraction of highly-reverberated melodies (keeping the wet/dry balance) or improve the consonants and high frequency content of the vocal separation with our consonants boost. ADX-VEX also offers two levels of quality (Standard or High) so that you can adjust the trade-off between separation quality and computational time.

Proven technology

Using this groundbreaking ADX Technology, Audionamix has worked extensively with some of the biggest names in entertainment. Our technology can be heard on many projects ranging from the 2010 Vocal separation and stem creation project requested by Hans Zimmer for his innovative soundscapes used in the motion picture “Inception”, to the 2014 vocal isolation project with Jay Landers and Barry Manilow for Barry’s “My Dream Duets” album.

ADX-VEX technology is at the heart of Audionamix’ software suite: ADX TRAX, ADX TRAX Pro and ADX VVC.

Recently, DJ Voxchanger has been released for iOS, using the same ADX-VEX technology.

Ease of ADX-VEX Integration

Audionamix strives to provide the fastest and easiest path to integrate ADX-VEX into your own application. To start developing your own groundbreaking application utilizing ADX-VEX, or to include it in your existing applications, please contact us at We will be happy to provide you with a custom C++ library, a set of example codes which cover a wide range of common use cases, as well as some more advanced examples showcasing ADX-VEX under optimal conditions. What will you Separate 2 Create? We want to hear about it!





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