That’s right tech heads, ADX algorithms just got a big dose of fun. DJ Voxchanger, the brand new vocal transformation app, utilizes ADX separation technology to transform vocals within any song! The iOS app let’s kids, teens and people who want to have fun with the music in their library experience the magic of audio source separation by allowing them to transform this gloriously overplayed song…

Into this (dare you not to laugh)!

So how does it work?

As soon as you select a song to transform from your iOS device library, DJ Voxchanger analyzes and automatically separates the vocals within the song, similar to the automatic separation process in ADX VVC, TRAX and TRAX Pro. Unlike ADX Products, however, DJ Voxchanger doesn’t include any way to adjust or access the isolated vocal. After transforming the separated vocal, DJ Voxchanger automatically remarries the transformation directly back into the rest of the mix.

The ADX Separation process at work – separating the vocal target for DJ Voxchanger transformations.

Once the separation process is complete, the app analyzes the vocal to determine a unique set of Voctro Labs transformation parameters. Any transformations you choose after that point will apply only to the separated vocal, which you’ll also hear in the context of the full song.

You can then choose to use the transformation matrix to the right of the interface to modify the perceived gender and age of a vocalist. Each button corresponds to a specific set of pitch, timbre and vibrato settings that are determined during the analysis phase.

The Age / Gender transformation matrix presets and corresponding pitch, timbre and vibrato settings.

The Age / Gender transformation matrix presets and corresponding pitch, timbre and vibrato settings.

You can also dial-in precise, custom settings for pitch, timbre and vibrato using the faders to the right of the interface (be sure to swipe right on your iPhone to access these).

My personal favorite features are the special effects, which include Alien, Robot, Monster, Tuner and Harmony. Most of these can be combined with your fader settings (the exception is Monster, which lowers the pitch to a pre-determined level of monstrosity). The tuner is an autotune-like effect, and the harmony button adds vocal harmonies to the performances of your favorite artists.

And it’s not all fun and games. With the $0.99 Write package you can store, recall and record your transformations over time, so you can morph vocals then export them to use in your next live set.

DJ Voxchanger Interface

A quick rundown of all of the features in the full version of DJ Voxchanger.

Read more about DJ Voxchanger on their website, or download it now from the App Store. There’s a very feature-limited free version to try it out, or you can get the full app with all the bells and whistles for just $3.99!

Happy Holidays, Transformers!





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