Joachim Garraud FB Live in Paris

Jul 18, 2018ADX Technology, Lifestyle

“Audionamix is the only one that impressed me. This technology is amazing” – Joachim Garraud

Here in our Paris office, our French Research and Development team had the chance to welcome the one and only Joachim Garraud. He came for a Facebook Live event, and it was a pure pleasure to meet him. Telma, our Deputy-CEO, began the event by talking about the history of Audionamix. She discussed the projects we did with Hans Zimmer on Inception and our work with Canal+ on the World Cup 2010.

Next, one of our audio engineers showcased how he uses his skills at Audionamix with an amazing demo. Working all day with Pro Tools, Ableton Live and other DAWs is a fantastic way to make a living! Then we featured a little of our core audio source separation technology, and discussed how our researchers use signal processing, machine learning, deep learning and some other dark magic.

The last part of this FB Live featured another one of our engineers, Laurent, and was focused on how we handle product development. Laurent showcased the utility of our brand new software, XTRAX STEMS, with NI Traktor. Laurent performed a live remix, featuring our software.  Also, Laurent gave Joachim a little surprise that you can see by watching the FB Live yourself!

As you will see, it was a fantastic experience for all of us to welcome Joachim Garraud in our office. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Cheers from France!

Love, music and macarons!

A little information on the track used during the demo of XTRAX STEMS with Traktor. It was the last track from Fred Rister, a creative genius who unfortunately is suffering from cancer.  Please help support the fight against cancer by purchasing this track. All profits will be donated to the Kidney Cancer Association.