Sound for Film & Television

Oct 29, 2018ADX Technology, Blog, Press

Audionamix recently sponsored and attended “Mix Presents Sound for Film and Television” at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, California. This one-day event brings together professionals from the post-production audio industry, and features exhibitions by audio software and hardware companies, as well as talks and presentations.

We were thrilled to attend the keynote speech by award-winning sound designer Scott Gershin, who has worked on such films as American Beauty, Pacific Rim, and Shrek, and video games including Gears of War, Resident Evil, and Fable. Scott spoke about the importance of sound in bringing to life the stories of both films and games, and the even greater role of audio in the latest interactive virtual reality landscape.

Following the keynote, Steve and Scott were on hand to demo our latest products, the real-time, cloudless speech cleaning plug-in IDC: Instant Dialogue Cleaner and the newest version of our stem separation software, XTRAX STEMS 2.

The response to both products was incredibly positive and we were thankful to hear the stories from so many professionals who say our products have already saved them time and energy on their more difficult projects. They appreciate the ease of use of IDC, and the way it can reduce variable background noise behind speech. One mixer used IDC on a very windy scene that was not responding well to his typical noise reduction tools, but was able to quickly turn down the wind without affecting the dialogue by using IDC.

XTRAX STEMS also had a great reception from the visitors to our booth. Mixers said they used XTRAX to rebalance vocals from within songs when they receive tracks without separate stems. Often they need to turn down a vocal in a scene so it does not compete with the ongoing dialogue, and they have been blown away by XTRAX and its ability to independently adjust the volume of a vocal and drums within a mix.

Highlights of the day’s other presentations included discussions of the sound and music of First Man and A Star Is Born. Dolby, Yamaha, Avid, and Meyer Sound offered demos of their latest technology and panels regarding the present and future of audio.

Thank you to all who came by to visit and chat with us. We appreciate hearing about the challenges you face so that we can improve our technology to meet these needs. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next event!