XTRAX STEMS Remix Challenge Winner: Steve Fulton

Jun 3, 2020Blog

In April, we launched the first ever XTRAX STEMS Remix Challenge. Participants were sent the song “You and Your Ways” by The Beautiful Fragile with instructions to separate the track using XTRAX STEMS, and use the resulting stems as part of an original remix. After listening to dozens of great submissions, we crowned the winner, Steve Fulton, who won a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 Audio Interface. We caught up with Steve to learn how his remix came to fruition and about his creative process in the studio.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your musical background?

I have been an active performing musician for almost 4 decades now YIKES! haha, and I have owned an operated a commercial recording studio for 28 years. I write, produce and engineer music on a daily basis.

How long have you been using XTRAX STEMS?

I starting using XTRAX v1 in late 2018.

How did you use XTRAX STEMS for the Remix Challenge?

I imported the stereo mix you sent into XTRAX and extracted it into three stems: Music, Percussion and Vocals. Then I imported those tracks into my first DAW.

How do you use XTRAX STEMS in your creative process?

I have now used XTRAX about a dozen times on some stereo tracks where there were no attainable multitracks. Usually it’s an older archived recording that I then ‘remix’ and augment to get a much better balance in presence.

How did you create the drums?  

I used the existing drums to create MIDI notes to augment in DAW #1 and also added an additional drummer groove over the top of the existing drums to drive the song along a little. Then I exported everything out in individual audio tracks into my 2nd DAW.

Which DAWs did you use?

I imported the original XTRAX STEMS into Logic Pro X first, then I exported all the multitrack audio from Logic to Pro Tools 10 HD and overdubbed the real instruments and synth and then mixed. I used Gavin Lurssen’s Mastering plug-in and iZotope Ozone 9 for mastering.

How did you create the guitar?

I played an Epiphone Casino for the ambient guitar part and ambient synth part (I think it was just an Xpand synth) and an electric bass part.

Did you use any samples?

No samples, just software instruments.

Do you have specific artists or genres that inspire you?

I truly love almost all music; if it is done with conviction, I am into it. Genre really doesn’t drive me. I have the music I write and perform and that is all over the map, and all the different genres and styles I produce…all over the map again.

What is Audio Lab Boise?

Audio Lab Boise my studio. I have owned and operated this studio for 28 years.

Is there anything else you’d like readers to know about you?

Along with being a singer songwriter, I am a producer / engineer. You can check out my work on the studio site as far as music I have produced. I am also an advocate for young aspiring artists and like to do whatever I can to help the next generation of artists.

Where can listeners find your music? 

My personal music is found on all digital platforms that you find links to from my music site, www.stevefultonmusic.com


A big thank you to Steve Fulton for chatting with us and all of the other participants in the XTRAX STEMS Remix Challenge. We love to hear how you separate to create! Keep an eye out for future opportunities on the XTRAX STEMS community page.

🔊Listen: The Beautiful Fragile – You and Your Ways (Steve Fulton Remix)