Jul 9, 2020Blog, Post Production, Separation Stories

While excellent for DJs and remixers, XTRAX STEMS can also be a powerful tool for composers and sound designers looking to isolate audio elements for creative reuse. Recently XTRAX STEMS was used by the composer of the FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE. 

“FINAL FANTASY VII” has been a legendary video game since its release in 1997. It’s now been entirely remade and was released in Spring 2020 as “FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE”. While the game offers a new experience for users with updated graphics and gameplay, its music has also evolved by leaps and bounds due to Mitsuto Suzuki, the game’s composer.

Mitsuto used Audionamix’s XTRAX STEMS to separate audio elements for the ‘Honeybee Inn’ scene in the game, and spoke about the project in an exclusive interview with Sonicwire.

Mitsuto states, “This is a tool & software that can separate a two-mix into separate stems and export them. I used it to extract the material for the story when I incorporated the vocal material of ‘Honeybee Inn’. I can easily adjust the spectral balance of vocals, music and drums that I wanted to extract. For example, when you want to extract the rhythms only for breakbeats, it is fun to use and see how easily those materials are extracted using the tool. It’s super convenient!”  

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