IDC Powered Broadcast Device Wins Best In Show Award at NAB

Apr 27, 2022ADX Technology, Blog

Ever struggled to hear the dialogue on your TV and wish you could turn it up a little, or turn down the show’s music to understand the speech more clearly?

Audionamix is excited to announce that our IDC (Instant Dialogue Cleaner) technology has been integrated into a hardware device to do just that. German company LYNX Technik, makers of high quality broadcast hardware, debuted their yellobrik IDC 1411 at this year’s NAB and winning Best In Show!

Working closely with LYNX Technik, we helped incorporate our AI speech separation algorithms – the same ones that power the IDC plug-in – into the yellobrik IDC 1411 device. Based on Deep Neural Network (DNN) AI, IDC technology works in real time to analyze audio and separate the dialogue and speech from music and background sounds.

This new hardware unit allows television broadcasters to send out an additional audio channel with a different balance of speech and background content. Viewers can then select this alternative audio stream on their TVs to hear the dialogue in a show more clearly.

We’re thrilled to see the release of this product, which furthers accessibility for people who are hard of hearing, and allows broadcasters the flexibility to strike the right balance between dialogue and background content in their programming. Congrats to LYNX Technik on winning the Best In Show award at NAB!

Learn more about the yellobrik IDC 1411 module here.