Services Spotlight: “Making The Cut” on Amazon Prime

Jul 26, 2022ADX Technology, Blog

The Amazon Prime reality Television series, “Making The Cut”, is a fashion competition series hosted by Heidi Klum & Tim Gunn featuring ten talented entrepreneurs and designers from around the world, who try to take their brands to the next level. The unscripted series was originally released in 2020 as an Amazon Prime Original show, making it one of the notable reality shows to be produced in-house by Amazon, and was renewed for a total of three seasons. The third season will have its premiere on August 19, 2022. Audionamix was honored to work with Amazon Prime for the very first time, using the music removal service.

After the show’s initial premiere of season one, Audionamix Professional Services was approached by Amazon Prime to help fix a common problem that many production recordings often run into. This problem occurs when licensed music is recorded by the production team during filming. Since the microphones used on set cannot block out background music during recording of dialogue, the licensed music must be removed in post-production in order for Amazon Prime to avoid licensing fees. The music removal process can be used even with a single mono or stereo file, making it incredibly valuable to major production studios like Amazon Prime. To do this, Audionamix was provided with the production recordings that needed audio source separation, which were then run through the Audionamix Services’ proprietary algorithms. This process requires expert post-production expertise to preserve the dialogue, while removing any remnants of instruments like drums, synth, bass, and so forth.

Once these files are sent back to Amazon Prime, this gives their post-production incredible flexibility. In the final product, Amazon Prime can insert whatever audio they would like to layer on top of the isolated dialogue, whether it be music, or other elements. To listen to the results from Audionamix Professional Services, you can now stream all seasons of “Making The Cut” on Amazon Prime.