Audionamix’s Professional Services Provides Unique Tech for Re-monetization of Older Catalogs

Audionamix’s Professional Services Provides Unique Tech for Re-monetization of Older Catalogs

Audionamix’s Professional Services Provides Unique Tech for Re-monetization of Older Catalogs

Artificial Intelligence Algorithms Allow Film, Television and Music Companies to Revitalize Older Catalogs When the Original Multitracks and Stems are No Longer Available

Audionamix’s Professional Services Division, comprised of uniquely qualified audio engineers, functions as an extension to its clients’ post departments by directly delivering separated audio elements when the original multi-tracks or stems are no longer available. These specialized engineers utilize proprietary audio extraction technologies in order to provide advanced separations that are not easily accomplished using commercially available software. This has enabled Audionamix to help bring a number of unique projects to fruition, and its clients include the biggest content owners, creatives and technicians in the professional music, film and broadcast industries.

Audionamix’s Professional Services offerings include the following: 


which can remove music from a scene


which can isolate or remove dialogue from a scene


which can isolate a vocal performance


which can remove vocals from a song

Audionamix has provided its Music Dissociation service to several classic films so that they could be viewed alongside a live orchestra performing the score. Television series such as Baywatch were able to use the Music Dissociation service to remove previously licensed music in order to re-release original episodes. Vocal Extraction allows for the creation of virtual duets, as heard in Barry Manilow’s GRAMMY® nominated My Dream Duets album. Dialogue Isolation has allowed previously released feature films to be upmixed to 5.1 surround sound, even though the sessions were no longer available.

“In a perfect world, a client would perpetually have access to all the elements to create a full mix, whether it be a TV show, movie, album or individual song,” says Stephen Oliver, senior engineer and coordinator of Professional Services at Audionamix. “But unexpected challenges arise, and archives are often lost over the years. Our team is able to extract content from a mixed audio source using our various extraction technologies. This can include vocals, dialogue, soundtrack and other musical elements.”

For Oliver and his team, there is a hands-on approach to the way they work with each client, based on the unique needs of every project. Ultimately, the Audionamix Professional Services team is able to save its clients both time and money – such as by eliminating re-licensing music content costs – which is often essential in getting expensive projects off the ground. “Every client needs something different from us to complete their project,” continues Oliver. “We take the time to figure out how to use Audionamix’s artificial intelligence (AI)-based audio technology to best accomplish their goals.”

On a personal level, Oliver says it is especially rewarding taking something old and making it new again. “It’s like taking a part of history and bringing it back to life through new and remastered recordings and video productions,” he adds. 

Audionamix is continually developing more advanced algorithms to tackle any audio isolation project. Visit to learn more about its Professional Services Division as well as commercially available versions of its music (XTRAX STEMS 2) and speech separation (IDC: Instant Dialogue Cleaner) software solutions.

For more information, head to our Professional Services page and fill out the request more information form.

The Mom Forum Podcast Mixing with IDC: Instant Dialogue Cleaner

The Mom Forum Podcast Mixing with IDC: Instant Dialogue Cleaner

The Mom Forum Podcast Mixing with IDC: Instant Dialogue Cleaner

Separation Stories

In the Field with Ellie McNeil – Mixing The Mom Forum Podcast with IDC

The IDC plug-in offers fast and easy dialogue cleanup with the turn of a knob. Engineer for Enhanced Media and Audionamix Product Manager Ellie McNeil writes of her experience using the IDC on The Mom Forum podcast.

Elisha Beach is a birth mom of 3, adoptive mom of 1 and a stepmom of 4. With 8 kids and a dog, life does not slow down when the record button is on. In each episode of The Mom Forum podcast, Elisha and her portable recording system (featuring the Yeti microphone) travel to various locations to meet with moms from all walks of life to discuss their personal journeys through motherhood. Their diverse experiences are matched by diverse recording environments and sonic challenges. In order to deliver the weekly podcasts on schedule, my task was to find a solution to quickly solve these audio challenges without requiring a lot of time-consuming cleanup. As the Product Manager for Audionamix I was excited to see how our latest tool, the IDC: Instant Dialogue Cleaner plug-in, would perform!


Elisha and her guest would often sound distant and their voices would reverberate through the room so much that it would distract from the stories they were telling. This is a normal consequence of recording in a large, untreated audio space without close miking all sources, and it’s a common challenge that accompanies a traveling podcast such as The Mom Forum. I was absolutely blown away by how IDC handled this challenge, and I wound up using the plug-in on every single interview recording to quickly reduce the room ambience and draw attention back to the dialogue. The fact that I could keep the same settings for IDC even as the interviews, background noise, and room ambience would change from episode to episode was a refreshing change from more complicated denoisers that require first learning and removing noise profiles. I found that a simple turn of the main IDC background knob down between -6 and -12dB worked best to eliminate excess room and refocus on the storytelling.

Another unique aspect of The Mom Forum podcast is how it gracefully integrates interruptions from kiddos, whether cries in the background, questions from the door, or a little one playing with a toy. These are all perfectly normal parts of motherhood, and their inclusion only enhances the relatability of the podcast. During the mix, the challenge was to minimize any of these sounds that would detract or distract from the intimate one-on-one conversations between Elisha and her guests. Oftentimes a bumping of a table or cooing in the background might get so loud that it would break the attention of the listener. I found the IDC plug-in to be an essential tool in managing these complex, varying noises and in delivering a polished and professional finished product that still sounded natural.

With every audio project there are unique challenges, and unique solutions. It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to use our own IDC in the field on The Mom Forum with such positive results. I recommend IDC for podcasters and all those looking to quickly and easily tackle complex audio problems including removing room ambience and inconsistent, varying noises like bumps, knocks, wind, and traffic noise.

The Mom Forum Podcast launched In July 2018 and features intimate mom-to-mom conversations sharing the journey to and through motherhood. These stories show the diversity of mothers while still sharing the common experiences that come with motherhood.

Listen on iTunes / Spotify / Google / Stitcher

About the Products Mentioned in the Blog

IDC: Instant Dialogue Cleaner

The best tool on the market to address common podcast audio problems including room ambiance, wind, traffic and nature sounds.

ASCAP “I Create Music” EXPO 2018

ASCAP “I Create Music” EXPO 2018

ASCAP “I Create Music” EXPO 2018

On May 7th, the ASCAP “I Create Music” EXPO once again took over the Loews Hotel in downtown Hollywood, CA. Now in its 13th year, the ASCAP EXPO is the nation’s largest conference for songwriters, composers, artists and producers. The event brings together creatives to connect, discuss pressing industry issues, and gain insights and feedback from successful industry professionals.


This year’s panelists include multi-platinum recording artist Jason Mraz, Grammy Award-winners St. Vincent, NE-YO, Marc Cohn and Darrell Brown, jazz legend Marcus Miller, Songwriters Hall of Fame inductees Desmond Child and Paul Williams, and little ol’ me, Audionamix Product Manager Ellie McNeil.





I joined my mentor, audio engineer, videographer, photographer and Berklee Online instructor Mehdi Hassine in presenting on Remote Sessions, Techniques and Opportunities Using the Pro Tools Cloud Collaboration and Avid Artist Community. After connecting via the Avid Artist Community, Mehdi shared his cloud-based Pro Tools project with me to perform vocal edits and send them back to him with the click of a button. Then, taking on the role of session guitarist, I recorded a take of acoustic guitar and sent the track back to Mehdi’s master session, all without leaving the Pro Tools environment.

As any music producer and engineer knows, this level of seamless workflow without the hassle of bouncing stems or troubleshooting sync is completely unprecedented for remote collaboration. With this step forward, Avid draws the global community of creators and engineers closer together, and promises to bridge the gap between those seeking assistance and freelance engineers, editors and creatives the world ’round. Best yet, these features are available to anyone running the latest versions of Pro Tools, including the free Pro Tools | First.

As a company whose technology has been made possible by the power of cloud-computing, we at Audionamix are thrilled to champion clever cloud solutions that move the industry forward.


Once the presentation was over, we took to the EXPO floor to check out the latest with TASCAM and Avid.

A heartfelt thank you to Mehdi, Berklee Online, and the ASCAP EXPO for the experience. Cheers to what you will create in 2018!

That’s a wrap for Mehdi and Ellie!



ADX @ AES NY 2017

ADX @ AES NY 2017

ADX @ AES NY 2017

This past week we had the pleasure of attending the 143rd International AES Convention at the Javits Center in New York.


The show got off to a smooth start with an easy setup thanks to our friends at AVID and their impeccably placed Partner Pavilion.


Venomisto joined the ADX team in honor of our partnership and the launch of his new TRAX Pro 3 SP tutorial series. To celebrate this collaboration Venomisto gave away a free copy of ADX VVC, ADX SVC and the whole ADX Professional Suite. Congratulations to the lucky winners!

We also had the opportunity to offer a sneak peak (and a sneak listen) of our upcoming, fully automatic stem separation software – geared towards DJs and remix artists. Thanks to the strong attendance of the joint NAB and AES shows we laid the groundwork for some exciting new potential partnerships in 2018… so stay tuned!

In our spare time we geeked out over the cool gear; some favorites included the beautiful Legacy AXS Console by API bound for Wire Road Studios in Houston and the Zylia microphone for its fun use of spatial source separation.


Overall, we enjoyed our time visiting the Big Apple, meeting with audio friends both old and new, and reveling in the high-level discussions that make the AES show so unique. Until next time, New York!

IMG_9464 (1)

Audionamix partners with VENOMISTO

Audionamix partners with VENOMISTO

Audionamix partners with VENOMISTO

Solo artist VENOMISTO, in partnership with Audionamix, is launching a series of in-depth Video Tutorials on audio separation using the TRAX product line, inspired by his own music production process.

Be sure to subscribe to his YouTube page to stay informed when a new tutorial is available. You can also visit to watch his first two pro-tip videos featuring TRAX Pro 3 SP:

Pan-specific View

In this video, Venomisto showcases how to use the Pan-Specific spectral editing view in order to remove instrument interference in an isolated vocal. The Pan-Specific View is available in TRAX Pro 3 SP and TRAX Pro 3.

Smart Attenuate Tool

In this video, Venomisto troubleshoots drum bleed in an isolated vocal using the Smart Attenuate tool (available in TRAX Pro 3 SP and TRAX Pro 3).

VENOMISTO will also be joining us at AES NY to showcase his new TRAX Tutorial series, and to celebrate he’ll be giving away free Audionamix products every day!

Click here to register to attend AES in NY October 18th – 20th for FREE on Audionamix and meet VENOMISTO in person.

Additionally, VENOMISTO has just released his second EP, Sevens or Better. This latest offering features original compositions ranging from four-on-the-floor dance numbers, to vibrant tropical soundscapes, to otherworldly post-apocalyptic epics. Fans can stream Sevens or Better on iTunes, Spotify, and all the usual suspects. The EP is available now HERE.

Sevens or Better cover front

VENOMISTO is Dance Music for the World. Dance Music for the 22nd Century.