Verve Presents MY DREAM DUETS by Barry Manilow

ADX Technology Assists Musical Magic in 11 Groundbreaking Duets. We are very excited to announce that Barry Manilow’s latest album, My Dream Duets, is now available to add to your collection! We at Audionamix are extremely proud to have been a part of the creative process that made this album … Continue reading

ADX at AES 2014

Well, we had a pretty great weekend, as it turned out! ADX Product Specialists gave demo after demo to dozens of convention-goers. Enthusiasts and skeptics alike sat with our ADXperts and got a one-on-one look at TRAX in action. Even celebrity DJ/Remix-Artist, Dave Aude stopped by! On Sunday, we had … Continue reading

ADX TRAX featured in AudioXpress

Rick Silva, COO and Product VP for Audionamix, was given the opportunity to work with the amazing team over at AudioXpress to provide a feature article titled, “Insights on Audio Source Separation,” which sheds some light on the inner workings of our patented ADX Technology and our ground breaking software, ADX … Continue reading

My Father the Prince Fan

Few memories of my oh-so-eighties childhood bring a smirk to my face as quickly as those of my father and his eclectic musical tastes. At home, we were accustomed to the never ending medley of what we, the kids, called “Old Fogie Music” coming from our HiFi system. I know, … Continue reading

Next Time On Lonny

We’d like to take a moment to introduce you to the web series that proves anything can happen, next time…  Next Time On Lonny  is a scripted web series  that follows Lonny, an average twenty-something battling relatable first-world problems. From awkward dinner conversations to doggie wingmen, Lonny fumbles his way through … Continue reading

A Nod to Lustworthy Tech

There is nothing quite like innovative, new technology. It’s the new car smell for your creativity; it has the power to provide fresh perspective, to open the mind to new possibilities, and to remind us that the impossible is really just the future, in pre-production. If you’re anything like us, … Continue reading

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