Separation Movement: Audionamix Releases Professional Services Web App

Separation Movement: Audionamix Releases Professional Services Web App

Separation Movement: Audionamix Releases Professional Services Web App

Audionamix has launched its newest product, an on demand web application for automated stem separation. Available exclusively to rightsholders, the app is a game changer in the world of audio separation.

“We are proud to introduce our web app, a secure, browser-based separation interface to our most advanced technology,” said Ellie McNeil, North American manager of Audionamix. “Web access to this quality of separation – to automatically isolate dialogue from music and effects or stem specific instruments from a song – is unprecedented.”

In what would traditionally take an entire team of audio engineers and dedicated equipment to accomplish, Audionamix’s newest Professional Services web app can automatically separate stems in minutes. Using their cutting-edge AI separation technology, Audionamix’s engineers have designed the perfect solution for true immersive upmixing, removal of copyrighted songs for distribution, dubbing for market expansion, and modern revival of classics.

As demand for streaming continues to boom, film and TV post-production teams need instant, effective separation to bypass technical limitations, expensive licensing woes, and get their content out to a fast-moving global market.

For music rightsholders, the opportunities are endless. Audionamix’s web app makes monetizing your stems for sync, sampling, and remixing much simpler and eliminates the need to track down studio sessions that may no longer exist. Musicians can take previously mastered tracks, plug them into the web app, and then use the separated parts in creative new ways.

“As anyone who has worked with back-catalog content knows, tracking down stems can be difficult, if not impossible. Projects and budgets are made or broken based on the availability of these critical components,” said Stephen Oliver, Senior Engineer of the L.A. Professional Services team. “Nothing can be easier than plugging the master audio file into your web browser and in minutes having a great sounding, individualized set of stems. For audio professionals, it’s a dream come true.”

Those who qualify for access will receive their first five separations for free. Pricing starts at $10 a stem.

About Audionamix

Audionamix is the global leader in audio source separation. Built on advanced signal processing and artificial intelligence, Audionamix technology extracts specific elements from an audio file, including speech, vocals, drums and bass. Armed with this licensable technology, the Audionamix Professional Services team has worked on major motion pictures, GRAMMY-nominated albums, and hit TV shows. Through the groundbreaking Audionamix software line, studios, audio engineers and DJs across the globe can Separate to Create the previously unimaginable.

Audionamix is also currently celebrating the anniversary of their industry leading software XTRAX STEMS. Throughout the month of March, XTRAX STEMS will be 10% off the standard subscription price.

iFit: Dialogue Removal for Localization

iFit: Dialogue Removal for Localization

iFit: Dialogue Removal for Localization

iFit provides interactive personal training on home exercise equipment. Users can view trainers on screen, and their equipment settings are tailored in real-time to match what’s happening in the video. In the videos, trainers give verbal encouragement and instruction to the user. These videos were recorded using only a single microphone, which delivers the audio of both the instructor’s voice and the sound of their environment. iFit wanted to dub these videos into different languages, while retaining the natural background sound.

Audionamix used our Dialogue Removal service to strip the original speech from the iFit videos, leaving the background ambience. iFit was able to repurpose these recordings and dub them into multiple languages, keeping the original sound of the environment.

“iFit uses Audionamix’s dialogue removal service; extracting dialogue while leaving natural sound on our trainer-led outdoor and studio interactive workouts. We have been thrilled with the results, allowing us to dub the dialogue into multiple languages while maintaining natural sound, giving our foreign language customers a more robust and authentic audio experience.”

Carly Sorensen

Head of Production, iFit

About iFit

iFit pioneered interactive connected fitness and was issued its first of many patents in 1999. Founded with the belief that the majority of consumers would benefit from an interactive personal training experience at home, iFit’s trainer-led streaming workouts are now trusted by millions of consumers around the globe.

iFit offers workout options for every fitness level and interest, from bodyweight training, HIIT cardio workouts and yoga, to connected fitness workouts on NordicTrack and ProForm home equipment, and Freemotion equipment for commercial facilities. Patented interactive technology allows iFit Trainers to create highly personalized workouts for iFit members and Live Adjust™ the user’s incline, speed and resistance instantly during the workout to create the perfect workout for every fitness level. iFit interactive workouts are available on treadmills, stationary bikes, ellipticals, rowers, strength machines, and the iFit app for a range of exercise accessories.

iFit is owned by ICON Health & Fitness, the global leader in home, commercial and connected fitness and holds more than 275 fitness patents, with 138 pending. iFit workouts are available in English, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German with more languages planned for 2020.

Kubrick by Kubrick: Dialogue Isolation and Restoration

Kubrick by Kubrick: Dialogue Isolation and Restoration

Kubrick by Kubrick: Dialogue Isolation and Restoration

The documentary “Kubrick by Kubrick” reveals previously unheard conversations between Stanley Kubrick and Michel Ciment, a French film critic who recorded their discussions over the course of 20 years.
Because these recordings were made in varying locations, they had differing background noise, quality, and reverberation. In some, they were in a restaurant with clanking silverware and glasses; in others, the voices were distant or distorted.

As these sonic differences distracted from the content, production company Temps Noir asked Audionamix to help make the recordings sound as similar as possible.

Audionamix used our advanced dialogue isolation technology to separate the speech from the background noise and reduce roominess. Then our engineers carefully adjusted the sound of each clip to create a more consistent sonic experience for the viewer.

The Story of XTRAX STEMS

The Story of XTRAX STEMS

The Story of XTRAX STEMS

Audionamix has been dedicated to the science of unmixing audio for over 10 years. Our mission has been to package smart separation technology in an easy to use interface that is accessible and affordable for all. After many years of development, the new XTRAX STEMS represents the realization of that vision. So how did we get here, and what makes the new XTRAX STEMS unique? Read on to learn (and hear!) more.


Audionamix’s first commercial product line, ADX TRAX, was based on advanced signal processing – identifying the fundamental melody of a voice using a pitch guide and then using filters to separate the vocal from the rest of the music. This method relied heavily on manual user work to refine the pitch guide, thus better informing the separation algorithm. As a result, the software required a complicated feature set including an integrated spectral editor, and it often took a long time to get a good result.

We received many requests from DJs, musicians, engineers, producers, and artists for a simpler, faster solution.


The initial release of XTRAX STEMS 1.0 was created in response to this feedback, featuring an easy-to-use workflow balanced with value and quality. We partnered our legacy TRAX algorithms with a new machine learning AI drum separation. The result was a simple, affordable product that could separate and isolate vocals, drums, and remaining music. One song in, three stems out.

“We Shine” by Fabulous Saturdays

Original Clip

“We Shine” by Fabulous Saturdays

XTRAX STEMS v1.0 - Vocals

“We Shine” by Fabulous Saturdays

XTRAX STEMS v1.0 - Drums


Remixers, DJs, and educators quickly recognized the creative potential of such a tool and at NAMM 2018, MusicRadar honored XTRAX STEMS with the Best Software Award.

June 2018 – XTRAX STEMS 1.5 further delivered on our promise to make our technology accessible; it was our first Windows- compatible product, a long-time request from patient Windows users around the world. Version 1.5 was also available in English, French, and Japanese and added export support for Native Instruments’ STEM format, streamlining workflows for DJs.

October 2018 – Since the initial release of XTRAX STEMS, our research team was working hard behind the scenes to apply their latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence to stem creation. The fruit of this labor, XTRAX STEMS 2, featured the new machine learning-driven “Advanced” algorithm, which represented a huge leap forward both in processing speed, and the quality of the vocal and drum stems.

In an effort to allow users to tailor and improve initial separations without creating a complicated post-processing editor, we added the real-time separation balance feature. The intuitive triangle matrix allowed for even better quality stems without sacrificing usability.

In recognition of these improvements, XTRAX STEMS 2 was crowned the 2019 Best Tech Tool for Schools and was nominated for a 2020 TEC Award for Best DJ Production Technology.

Our main focus became how to maintain and deliver consistent improvements on the technological side and address community feature requests from our growing user base. Considering our regular cloud-based algorithmic updates, it followed naturally that we couple a subscription-based product that allows for consistent and reliable support with a user-facing membership community. We unveiled our vision for the new XTRAX STEMS at Amsterdam Dance Event 2019 and took home the top prize for ADETech’s Companies2Watch.


The launch of the brand new XTRAX STEMS subscription product, reworked from the ground up. The new version adds a fourth bass stem, separation options tailored to specific use-cases, and a De-bleed feature on each track for post-processing control. With GPU processing and updated algorithms, the new XTRAX STEMS is faster and sounds better than ever.

“We Shine” by Fabulous Saturdays

Original Clip

“We Shine” by Fabulous Saturdays

XTRAX STEMS v 4.0 - Vocals

“We Shine” by Fabulous Saturdays

XTRAX STEMS v 4.0 - Drums

Thanks to the subscription model, our team has dedicated resources to bring you regular updates and make continuous improvements in servers and separation algorithms. Our member community includes access to exclusive resources, events, and a forum by which you can directly vote for or suggest new features that are most important to you. We’re committed to our promise to offer the best, most affordable stem separator to our growing community.

Thank you so much for being a part of our story so far. We couldn’t have made it here without you, and we can’t wait to discover what we’ll create together.

Q & A with Fenix – Social Distancing for DJs

Q & A with Fenix – Social Distancing for DJs

Q & A with Fenix – Social Distancing for DJs

The music industry has been especially impacted by the coronavirus, causing postponed and cancelled events across the globe including Ultra Music, Tomorrowland, and countless others. Artists cannot tour, instead opting to live stream performances and create new music. With this change comes an opportunity to take a step back from the crazy touring schedule that DJs are so often accustomed to, and spend this time creating at home in the studio. We spoke with Russian artist Fenix about his thoughts on the situation, and how he maintains his life as an artist during this uncertain time.

Q:The COVID-19 situation is unprecedented in its global impact. What does this moment mean to you personally and as a DJ? Where are you and what does your day-to-day look like?

I agree with you that the situation is out of the ordinary, and really everything that happens now affects absolutely everything. 

For me personally, this is a significant break in my performances. I had to cancel absolutely all shows before the end of April, and the Winter Music Conference in Miami and the International Music Summit in Ibiza were canceled as well, so I had to get tickets refunded and remove all reservations. I also had to quickly transfer my entire team to remote work, and now all of our processes are happening online. 

Right now I am at home in Moscow. I just passed self-isolation, 14 days after my tour in Europe. Now my day begins with sports, then breakfast and after that I work in the studio until the evening. Then there is a dinner with family and after we watch TV shows and films. I haven’t done this for a long time. And I’ll tell you honestly, now my day is just perfect.

In spite of everything that is happening, I’m even a little glad that I have to spend all this time at home and in my studio. You can’t imagine how many tracks will appear in the near future from me. 

Q: What tips do you have for managing your time and work/life boundaries when home and studio life intertwine?

Now I work at the studio on a schedule like an office worker – I go to the studio in the morning, take a lunch break and then continue until the end of the working day. It is optimal and very productive. During this time (from 10 AM to 6 PM) I manage to do a lot, and I have time for myself and my personal life. It is also very important to plan your day, I do it in the evening. We also use cloud services for organized work on projects, this helps to move towards our goals.

Q:What kind of setup do you have at home to keep you creating?

In addition to the main studio, I always had a studio at home, this is a large space for working with music and also for working with a project for organizational work. I have the following setup for working with music at home: 

iMac Pro with Logic Pro X

Focal Solo Be6 monitors

Analog synthesizers

Moog Sub Phatty

Roland Juno Di

Yamaha MOX8

Access Virus TI2 Desktop

AKG C214 & BLUE SPARK microphones

I also have a couple vintage synths from USSR and A LOT OF VST’s, and of course Audionamix XTRAX STEMS as a main tool for my Remixes. 

 Q; For producers and DJs who previously relied on shared workspaces and studios to create, what would you say are minimum requirements to begin creating at home?  

It is enough to have a laptop and headphones to make some kind of demo at home, or as the musicians say “on their knees”. For vocalists, some kind of simple microphone, although many people manage to record on their phone. This is music, just enough to do what you like and that’s it. As I am an Apple user, Logic Pro X or Ableton software, or even easier, Garage Band will be more than enough at home. For example, Logic Pro X already has both VST tools and VST plugins. Therefore, the list is not large.

1) Laptop

2) DAW

3) MIDI keyboard

4) Good internet

Q: Since most gigs have been postponed or canceled, how do you maintain a substantive relationship with your fans?

Here, in fact, everything was simple and practically nothing was crushed, live broadcasts on Instagram and Facebook. Shared broadcasts with musician friends are also interesting to followers. Since productivity is now at a high level, announcing new music will lead to continued interest and support from fans.

Q: There are many artists hosting live sets and performances online and earning a living through tips – do you recommend any platforms?

Frankly, it’s difficult for me to recommend something specific, since now a lot of things appear on the Internet. Personally, I would spend my time on training and master classes from professionals.

Q: Have you participated in any “virtual parties”? What are your thoughts on the concept?

This direction for me now looks the most interesting and has great potential. In fact, a lot of people are faced with the fact that they cannot physically attend an event for various reasons, and this technology allows them to quickly find themselves in the epicenter of an event without leaving home. Indeed, I participate in such projects very actively. I would like to draw your attention to the new platform Sensorium. This is one of those examples where the quality of the product and the scale of the project are implemented at a very high level. Clearly, the future belongs to similar projects.

Q: What do you think about the future of these trends in the long term?

Now we all perfectly understand that technologies are pushing the usual formats for us, simplifying and making things previously inaccessible for us, more than affordable. The distance between artists and their fans is shrinking, and now everyone feels involved in a creative or other process that is connected to the formation of an artist. Coronavirus showed everyone an acute shortage of ready-made solutions in this direction, but at the same time confirmed their need.

Q: What is your go-to song or album to lift your mood when cabin fever sets in?

I’ll tell you honestly, as always I don’t change my tastes and when I just want to enjoy the music, I listen to my favorite band AC/DC.

Q: How can people stay connected with you (social media call outs, upcoming events, etc)?

I always control my official website:

There you can always find all my music, radio shows, links to social networks and accounts on streaming platforms. By the way, during the quarantine period, all remixes are available ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE. There are upcoming shows in May that have not been canceled yet. So we hope that they will take place. You can find all my upcoming performances on the site in the Tour section.


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Audionamix at the Futur.e.s Festival

Audionamix at the Futur.e.s Festival

Audionamix at the Futur.e.s Festival

Audionamix s’est rendu au dernier Festival “Futur.e.s” (#DeepTech4NewMedia) organisé par Cap Digital le 10 mars dernier dans le 10eme arrondissement de Paris, afin de présenter sa technologie de séparation de sources mais également pour présenter la dernière version de son logiciel XTRAX STEMS.

Cap Digital est considéré comme le plus grand collectif d’innovateurs du numérique d’Europe, avec plus de 13 années d’existence, plus de 1000 adhérents (dont Audionamix), plus de 120 évènements créés, ainsi que plus de 1,7 Milliards d’euros d’investissement dans le secteur de la R&D. 

Cette édition du festival “‘Futur.e.s” avait comme thème principal, les technologies de rupture qui vont révolutionner les industries des médias, des computers graphics et de la culture. 


Audionamix était donc représenté avec certains des acteurs majeurs de l’innovation dans le domaine des médias associée au Deep learning / Machine learning. À savoir, Actronika, Golaem, INA Signature, DeepAlgo, MocapLab, Art Graphique & Patrimoine, Opscidia, Radio France, Youcheck!

Cette participation a permis à Audionamix de présenter sa technologie à travers ses différents logiciels, mais aussi par le biais de ses prestations de services.

Merci à Cap Digital pour l’invitation, et au public d’avoir fait le déplacement et pour tous les retours positifs concernant notre participation et implication dans le domaine de la création d’outils pour l’industrie musicale et audiovisuelle.  


Audionamix attended the latest “Futur.e.s” festival  (#DeepTech4NewMedia) organized by Cap Digital on March 10 in the 10th district of Paris, to present our source separation technology and the latest version of XTRAX STEMS.

Cap Digital is considered as the largest collective of digital innovators in Europe, with more than 1000 members (including Audionamix), more than 120 events created, and more than 1.7 billion euros of investment in the R&D sector over its 13 years of existence.

Audionamix was represented with some of the major players in media innovation associated with Deep Learning / Machine learning: Actronika, Golaem, INA Signature, DeepAlgo, MocapLab, Art Graphique & Patrimoine, Opscidia, Radio France, Youcheck!

Our participation allowed Audionamix to present our technology through software as well as our Professional Services.

Thanks to Cap Digital for the invitation, to the public for coming, and for all positive feedback regarding our participation and involvement in creating tools for the music and audiovisual industry. 

Articles from the event: