ASCAP “I Create Music” EXPO 2018

ASCAP “I Create Music” EXPO 2018

ASCAP “I Create Music” EXPO 2018

On May 7th, the ASCAP “I Create Music” EXPO once again took over the Loews Hotel in downtown Hollywood, CA. Now in its 13th year, the ASCAP EXPO is the nation’s largest conference for songwriters, composers, artists and producers. The event brings together creatives to connect, discuss pressing industry issues, and gain insights and feedback from successful industry professionals.


This year’s panelists include multi-platinum recording artist Jason Mraz, Grammy Award-winners St. Vincent, NE-YO, Marc Cohn and Darrell Brown, jazz legend Marcus Miller, Songwriters Hall of Fame inductees Desmond Child and Paul Williams, and little ol’ me, Audionamix Product Manager Ellie McNeil.





I joined my mentor, audio engineer, videographer, photographer and Berklee Online instructor Mehdi Hassine in presenting on Remote Sessions, Techniques and Opportunities Using the Pro Tools Cloud Collaboration and Avid Artist Community. After connecting via the Avid Artist Community, Mehdi shared his cloud-based Pro Tools project with me to perform vocal edits and send them back to him with the click of a button. Then, taking on the role of session guitarist, I recorded a take of acoustic guitar and sent the track back to Mehdi’s master session, all without leaving the Pro Tools environment.

As any music producer and engineer knows, this level of seamless workflow without the hassle of bouncing stems or troubleshooting sync is completely unprecedented for remote collaboration. With this step forward, Avid draws the global community of creators and engineers closer together, and promises to bridge the gap between those seeking assistance and freelance engineers, editors and creatives the world ’round. Best yet, these features are available to anyone running the latest versions of Pro Tools, including the free Pro Tools | First.

As a company whose technology has been made possible by the power of cloud-computing, we at Audionamix are thrilled to champion clever cloud solutions that move the industry forward.


Once the presentation was over, we took to the EXPO floor to check out the latest with TASCAM and Avid.

A heartfelt thank you to Mehdi, Berklee Online, and the ASCAP EXPO for the experience. Cheers to what you will create in 2018!

That’s a wrap for Mehdi and Ellie!



Venomisto Presents ADX TRAX Pro 3 SP Tutorial Series

Venomisto Presents ADX TRAX Pro 3 SP Tutorial Series

Venomisto Presents ADX TRAX Pro 3 SP Tutorial Series

Hi all,

I’m excited to be working together with Audionamix on some real cutting edge technology. Their source separation solution is the only one I’ve found that really works for creating professional sounding acapellas and instrumentals.

I’ve gone ahead and put together a 5-part video tutorial series on using Audionamix ADX TRAX Pro 3 SP to isolate vocals from a song. In it, we’ll walk through a vocal extraction together, from start-to-finish. Some of the things we’ll cover include:

  • Running the initial audio source separation
  • Refining the pitch guide to achieve a more accurately pitched separation
  • Boosting consonants to extract those hard-to-isolate “S” and “F” sounds
  • Using different algorithms to get the best end result possible
  • Diving into the Spectral Editor to polish your isolation for that last 5–10%


In addition to this tutorial series, I’ve been doing Pro Tip videos. In these, I explain how to use a TRAX power feature. You can find the first 2 I did here, where we cover the Smart Attenuate Tool and the Pan-Specific View.

Finally, I’ll also be live streaming my production process for a new remix track, using TRAX to get the original acapella. I’m pretty excited about it, so stay tuned for more!

Check out the tutorial series today, be sure to subscribe if you enjoy it, and of course, leave a comment if you have any questions or ideas for more videos you’d like to see.

Until next time,

ADX @ AES NY 2017

ADX @ AES NY 2017

ADX @ AES NY 2017

This past week we had the pleasure of attending the 143rd International AES Convention at the Javits Center in New York.


The show got off to a smooth start with an easy setup thanks to our friends at AVID and their impeccably placed Partner Pavilion.


Venomisto joined the ADX team in honor of our partnership and the launch of his new TRAX Pro 3 SP tutorial series. To celebrate this collaboration Venomisto gave away a free copy of ADX VVC, ADX SVC and the whole ADX Professional Suite. Congratulations to the lucky winners!

We also had the opportunity to offer a sneak peak (and a sneak listen) of our upcoming, fully automatic stem separation software – geared towards DJs and remix artists. Thanks to the strong attendance of the joint NAB and AES shows we laid the groundwork for some exciting new potential partnerships in 2018… so stay tuned!

In our spare time we geeked out over the cool gear; some favorites included the beautiful Legacy AXS Console by API bound for Wire Road Studios in Houston and the Zylia microphone for its fun use of spatial source separation.


Overall, we enjoyed our time visiting the Big Apple, meeting with audio friends both old and new, and reveling in the high-level discussions that make the AES show so unique. Until next time, New York!

IMG_9464 (1)

Audionamix 2016 Staff Album Picks

Audionamix 2016 Staff Album Picks

Audionamix 2016 Staff Album Picks

As audio engineers and audio software designers/testers/specialists, we spend most of our days with headphones on. Most of the time we’re listening to sound related to our current projects, but once in a while we unplug and dance around to the music that moves our bodies and souls.

Without further ado, here are some of our team’s favorite albums of the last year:

Aesop Rock – The Impossible Kid

Aesop Rock - The Impossible Kid

“The Impossible Kid combines hallucinatory wordplay with disarmingly forthright autobiography–a combination that enhances the impact of each mode.”

The AV Club


Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats – A Little Something More

Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats - A Little Something More

“Rateliff has managed to succeed in breathing life into the classic soul sound by opening himself up and remembering that it is possible to dance your blues away.”


David Bowie – Blackstar

David Bowie - Blackstar

“The way the lyrics alternate between ambiguous introspection and dark whimsy can also confuse the sense of the album as a whole, but hunting for patterns or for humanity on Blackstar is less the point than enjoying the majesty of David Bowie, even on the verge of his death, sounding this incredibly alive.”

Slant Magazine


Bon Iver – 22, A Million

Bon Iver - 22 A Million

“Not since Kid A has an album so superb pushed away and pulled closer its audience, simultaneously and with such aplomb.”

Pretty Much Amazing


James Vincent McMorrow – We Move

James Vincent McMorrow - We Move

We Move…is a definitive step toward pop, but one that also demonstrates the Irish belter’s willingness to take risks and tear out of his sensitive-soul comfort zone.”



What was your favorite music of 2016? Let us know on your preferred social platform.


AudioNAMMix 2016!

AudioNAMMix 2016!

It’s about NAMM time. After weeks of refining our Flying V formation, the Audionamix team heads to Anaheim January 21-24 to take on the The Hawks in a hotly contested final attend Winter NAMM 2016!


“Did you really Quack at the Principal?”

Our new booth location in Hall A, Booth 6799A will be buzzing with product updates, celebrity guests, and daily giveaways.


Audionamix Booth Location

Grammy Award-winning mix engineer Dave Pensado of Pensado’s Place will visit the Audionamix booth on Friday at 2 PM, with producer, house DJ and remixer Dave Audé stopping by on Saturday at 2 PM. Dave2 will be speaking about Audionamix technology and creative ways to use it, and we’ll be giving away copies of TRAX Pro and VVC each day. Make sure to also enter for our grand prize drawing on Sunday for an ADX Studio Pack, featuring VVC, TRAX Pro and the ErgoLab StealthPro Touring chair! Be in the booth Sunday for our NAMM wrap party. We’ll be poppin’ bottles up in this heezy.

ADX Tech Pack

Didn’t win Powerball? You have a much better chance of winning our awesome software!

In addition to these presentations and contests, we’ll also be showing off some new audio tech goodies and updates to our current software.

After wowing the crowds at AES New York in October, the DJ Voxchanger iOS app makes its West Coast debut! The first Vocal Transformation app of its kind to hit the iOS market, DJ Voxchanger offers tech lovers, music hobbyists, and fans the ability to separate the lead vocal within any song and transform its age, gender and overall vocal characteristics. The result can be shared with friends and exported to various social platforms.

DJVC Banner

Make Adele sound like an old man.

On the updates side, TRAX and TRAX Pro 2.6 boast an Improved Vocal Targeting system which affects both AVAD and Pitch Detection. Using this new system can drastically improve the accuracy of your Pitch Guide and the resulting separation for singing voices.

Utilizing the Improved Vocal Targeting system also enables a new Pitch Guide Preview option, which quickly calculates melody detection and generates a Pitch Guide line prior to running any separation, saving you precious time.

The new Import Options dialog allows you to customize these settings prior to audio file import, ensuring that each project is tailored to your particular file’s needs.

Import OptionsOther improvements include OS X 10.11 El Capitan Compatibility, and improved HTML help documentation.

For TRAX Pro only, we’ve added the ability to invert any selection, doubling the power of the harmonic selector and improving the targeting capabilities of the Spectral tools.

Come by our booth #6799A for a personal demo and let us show you how our products can transform your workflow! We look forward to speaking to all of our current and future users in the pro audio community at NAMM 2016!




Now you can buy the ADX Vocal Volume Control (VVC) 2.0 for just $199, a $50 savings!

VVC supports most major DAWs in VST, AU, and AAX formats on both Windows and Mac


Inter BEE, Miku, and Me: Audionamix in Japan

Inter BEE, Miku, and Me: Audionamix in Japan

Rick and I (and Billiam) recently traveled to the beautiful country of Japan to introduce ADX technology to the Asian market and attend Inter BEE, the International Broadcast Equipment Exhibition (disappointingly, there were no cartoon bees in attendance). But first there was the 12-hour flight that carried us across the Pacific and 17 hours into the future.


Billiam on the train to Tokyo and next to his caramel frappuccino, which he INSISTED on getting.

When we first landed in Narita, we fueled up at our first Japanese buffet, which featured familiar foods (rice, beef, grilled chicken) as well as some…foreign…items like curry, tiny and strange desserts, fish, and special beans. Our spirits were bolstered after the long travel day(s) by several ornate Christmas displays already glowing at the hotel.

PicMonkey Collage

Iced-out Vixen and Blitzen and a serene view of the gardens

Next we headed into Tokyo, where we met up with our gracious hosts from Crypton Future Media, Shigeru Tanabu and Ryoko Maehana.

Crypton develops and distributes audio and music software, and is best known for their version of Vocaloid featuring Hatsune Miku. Miku is a computer-generated personality voiced by actress Saki Fujita, and is insanely popular! Billiam developed quite a crush during our time there.


Hatsune Miku

Shigeru had set up many tours, visits, meetings, and interviews for us to share the story of Audionamix and our technology with some kick-ass studios, high-end retail locations, and other audio hot spots.

We visited Rock On, a pro audio store in Tokyo, where you can bring in your projects and listen to them on specific DAW and hardware combinations to find out which system you might like to purchase. We toured Red Bull Studios in Tokyo, polished and gleaming, where we gawked at the SSL board and outboard gear, and sampled Red Bull flavors.

Other stops included Onkio House, Victor Entertainment and an interview at Sound and Recording Magazine. We also got to see Pokémon corporate headquarters and do some posing with the characters.

We are so grateful to Crypton’s Shigeru for introducing us to so many of his connections, and for the many jobs he’s had over the years that led to them. Ryoko was indispensable, translating all of our conversations and presentations, navigating the Tokyo subway system, and offering comic relief in a way only a Japanese Martian could.

With the Crypton/Audionamix team fully assembled, it was on to Chiba and Makuhari Messe for Inter BEE!

IMG_4023 copy

View of the Inter BEE floor

Our products were given the royal treatment by the Crypton team at their booth. Takamichi Koizumi and Hirotaka Tsuji gave demos of TRAX Pro to hundreds of audio engineers, producers, and musicians. We were thrilled to meet so many fans of TRAX and VVC!

Rick and I (with Ryoko translating into Japanese) gave two presentations reviewing the history of Audionamix, our services work and projects, and the development of TRAX, TRAX Pro, and VVC.

We had interviews with PROSOUND Magazine, Proceed Magazine, and Eizo Shimbun, and look forward to seeing our products featured in these well-known audio publications! We are so grateful to Shigeru, Ryoko, Takamichi, Hirotaka, and the rest of the Crypton team for helping us to introduce the wonders of ADX technology to users in Japan.

An extra week in Japan allowed us to see ancient temples, a gigantic Buddha statue, and explore the lights of Yokohama.

We also paid a visit to ESP musical academy, a sister school of our dear alma mater, Musician’s Institute in Hollywood.

Mr. Ganji Irasawa gave us a fantastic tour of the school and facilities, including classrooms, performance spaces, and studios. We were fortunate enough to meet some of the future audio engineers, lighting specialists, and musicians who study there. Mr. Ganji allowed us to expand the minds of these students, as well as his teachers and engineers, by introducing them to ADX technology and all of the potential it holds.


Overall it was an incredible experience that led to many connections and possibilities for Audionamix and ADX technology in Japan.

Crypton will be at NAMM 2016, and Miku will visit North America in the spring! We (especially Billiam) look forward to seeing her in Los Angeles in May!