Audionamix Wins ADE ’19 “Companies 2 Watch” Competition

Audionamix Wins ADE ’19 “Companies 2 Watch” Competition

Audionamix Wins ADE ’19 “Companies 2 Watch” Competition

On the second day of Amsterdam Dance Event 2019, ADE Tech hosted the Companies 2 Watch (C2W) competition inside of the exquisite DeLaMar Theatre in Amsterdam. Acting as ADE Tech’s version of Shark Tank, C2W crowns the most innovative idea or product with the potential to revolutionize the music industry. Audionamix was exhilarated to be selected as one of the top five finalists to pitch in front of the expert panel of judges. We were hopeful that our advancements in audio source separation through the use of AI and machine learning would win over the panel. Among the judges were Dr Werner Vogels, the CTO of Amazon, Suzy Ryoo, the Co-Founder and President of Q&A, and Diego Farius, the Founder and CEO of last year’s C2W winning company, Amuse. The judges were able to interact, ask insightful questions and ultimately vote for a winner based on which company they would like to follow for the next year. In the event of a tie, the audience vote would determine the winner.

Our host, Jan Maarten Hartong from School of House, kicked off the event with ADE’s shortest rave, 3-minutes of adrenaline-pumping music accompanied by great choreography and dancers on stage. We were officially ready to go!

First to present was Jambl, the mobile app that allows users to easily and intuitively create music. Using an XY parameter control, Jambl manipulates pitch and time of looping sounds from various sample kits on a mobile device. Along with a fun and easy to use interface, Jambl also allows users to interact by sharing their beats in a community of Jambl users. Jambl CEO, Gad Baruch Hingis, performed a charismatic and cleverly written rap that explained the basics of the Jambl app. His pitch was engaging and fun, just like the Jambl app!

Next up was Fangage, the fanbase oriented platform which gets rid of third parties and allows artists to have ownership over and direct interaction with their fans. International DJ and artist, Sam Feldt, spoke about his own experience attempting to connect with local fans via Facebook and Instagram and the limitations of those platforms to accurately target and connect with specific audiences as an artist with millions of followers. This conundrum led him to develop Fangage, an easy-to-use platform that offers direct fan engagement, a win for both artists and fans!

Ellie McNeil, Clément Doire, and Doc Vaporz were ready to present Audionamix! Ellie began our presentation by introducing audio source separation and how such an ambitious task can be achieved. To many, the process of unmixing a song into its respective parts from a single audio file was completely unheard of. Next, Clément dove into the science behind our technology and explained how the algorithms are trained via neural networks and machine learning. This gave a sense of how complex the task of reverse engineering audio can be, especially when using networks trained for AI. Then, we gave a preview of our upcoming release of XTRAX STEMS, including the new feature to isolate the bass stem from a song. Ending our presentation was Doc Vaporz with his live remix using samples created via XTRAX STEMS. With the remaining time, we opened up for the Q & A portion. Dr Werner Vogels quizzed Clément on how he trains our databases and on scenarios in which the AI fails. Diego Farius asked Ellie about plans to expand our offering to include an online marketplace.

SendMusic then presented their file-sharing service that streamlines online collaborations and submissions using a simple link to manage files sent for production, A&R, radio play and more.

Lastly, Marble AR provided a look at their AR app which allows users to place AR “Marbles” anywhere in the world and connect them to any content they choose, whether it be merch for a concert, a favorite song for a favorite location, or a historical fact or memory of a specific location. The judges coined Marble AR as Pokemon Go for anything.

Ultimately, the winner would be decided by the three judges’ votes. Our moderator, Jan Maarten Hartong, first tallied the results of the audience vote where Audionamix tied with Fangage!

The moment of truth was upon us, as the judges revealed their votes. Dr Werner Vogels cast his vote for Audionamix, citing that he voted for the company he felt was most important to where the industry is heading. Suzy Ryoo was up next, casting her vote for Jambl! It all came down to Diego Farius of Amuse, who revealed he also voted for Audionamix! Our team was overwhelmed by the astounding outcome that we had been chosen as the Companies 2 Watch Winner! Thank you to Amsterdam Dance Event, Paylogic, our host, the esteemed panel of judges, and to all of our fellow finalists that shared the stage. Over the next year, we will be followed, mentored and supported by Amsterdam Dance Event, along with joining the panel of judges for next year’s Companies 2 Watch!

See you next year at ADE!

Winter NAMM 2019

Winter NAMM 2019

Winter NAMM 2019

Every year, NAMM seems to get better and better as our software continues to get faster and smarter, and we develop new friendships and partnerships, all of which seem to culminate in Anaheim in January. But this year felt really different, and really special.

We started the show off on Thursday with special appearances by two of our partner artists – Joachim Garraud and Venomisto. We visited our good friends at MIX where they did a live stream about Audionamix and upcoming events at NAMM. You can watch it here.

Later in the day, they both participated in the A3E panel discussion “Experimental EDM Production Techniques” where Joachim took the audience on a journey of the evolution of his recording studio, and recording tools from 1985 – 2019, including the challenges of the Y2K desert concert in Cairo. Joachim’s dreams of a fully portable “on the go” studio are finally being realized. Tom gave an overview of his production process creating remixes and mashups using XTRAX STEMS and Ableton Live and followed up with an A3E master class “Remixing Hits at Home.”

Back at the booth, Doc Vaporz was creating great tunes using stems from Metallica and Nirvana separated with XTRAX STEMS and imported into Maschine by Native Instruments

Old friends and new, artists well-established and just starting out, all came by to see what Audionamix is up to in 2019.

IDC: Instant Dialogue Cleaner got rave reviews, and we were so honored to share that it has been nominated for the prestigious Cinema Audio Society Award Outstanding Product – Post Production. 

School Band and Orchestra honored XTRAX STEMS 2 as Best Tech Tool for students. This ties in nicely with our growing partnership with High School Nation, which is a wonderful non-profit organization that is building recording studios in high schools, so students can develop their passion for the industry. We will be expanding our donations to include IDC for their journalism program, and hopefully joining some of their upcoming Los Angeles area events.

As busy as we were, the four days of NAMM just flew by, and now we look forward to putting all the great ideas into action for 2019.

Sound for Film & Television

Sound for Film & Television

Sound for Film & Television

Audionamix recently sponsored and attended “Mix Presents Sound for Film and Television” at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, California. This one-day event brings together professionals from the post-production audio industry, and features exhibitions by audio software and hardware companies, as well as talks and presentations.

We were thrilled to attend the keynote speech by award-winning sound designer Scott Gershin, who has worked on such films as American Beauty, Pacific Rim, and Shrek, and video games including Gears of War, Resident Evil, and Fable. Scott spoke about the importance of sound in bringing to life the stories of both films and games, and the even greater role of audio in the latest interactive virtual reality landscape.

Following the keynote, Steve and Scott were on hand to demo our latest products, the real-time, cloudless speech cleaning plug-in IDC: Instant Dialogue Cleaner and the newest version of our stem separation software, XTRAX STEMS 2.

The response to both products was incredibly positive and we were thankful to hear the stories from so many professionals who say our products have already saved them time and energy on their more difficult projects. They appreciate the ease of use of IDC, and the way it can reduce variable background noise behind speech. One mixer used IDC on a very windy scene that was not responding well to his typical noise reduction tools, but was able to quickly turn down the wind without affecting the dialogue by using IDC.

XTRAX STEMS also had a great reception from the visitors to our booth. Mixers said they used XTRAX to rebalance vocals from within songs when they receive tracks without separate stems. Often they need to turn down a vocal in a scene so it does not compete with the ongoing dialogue, and they have been blown away by XTRAX and its ability to independently adjust the volume of a vocal and drums within a mix.

Highlights of the day’s other presentations included discussions of the sound and music of First Man and A Star Is Born. Dolby, Yamaha, Avid, and Meyer Sound offered demos of their latest technology and panels regarding the present and future of audio.

Thank you to all who came by to visit and chat with us. We appreciate hearing about the challenges you face so that we can improve our technology to meet these needs. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next event!

Joachim Garraud FB Live

Joachim Garraud FB Live

Joachim Garraud FB Live

On Tuesday, Audionamix’s own Audio Engineer Doc Vaporz dropped by the home-studio of Artist Joachim Garraud for a wildly successful Facebook Live stream, featuring Joachim’s remixing work using XTRAX STEMS.

Joachim said that he has been waiting 12 years to find software that does what XTRAX STEMS does!


During the session, Joachim showcased the power of XTRAX STEMS on some classic tracks:

“Jammin” by Bob Marley
“The Wall” by Pink Floyd
“I Got You, Babe” by UB40


Doc and the Facebook Live audience were treated to a bilingual demonstration of Joachim’s thought process and workflow when using separated stems from XTRAX STEMS to create original works in Ableton Live.

Over 400 international participants wrote in, and Joachim and Doc answered as many questions as they could.

•”Is it better to start with a .wav file than an .mp3?”   Yes

•”Is it possible to export in a TRAKTOR Stems file?”   Yes

•”Is it possible to manually get higher refinement?”   If you work in our pro line product TRAX Pro, then you can get the best of both worlds – the drum separation in XTRAX STEMS and the refinement tools of TRAX Pro.

•”Is it available for both Mac and Windows?”   As of today, Yes. XTRAX STEMS for Windows is now available for presale at the introductory price of $79. It will retail upon release at $99. Existing Mac versions will become cross platform compatible upon the release.

Joachim gave away of one copy of XTRAX STEMS, and the lucky winner was Victor Carré – CONGRATULATIONS!

Joachim has been a huge supporter of XTRAX STEMS, and we are looking forward to additional Facebook Lives with him in the future, so stay tuned…and you can watch yesterday’s video here.

Audionamix partners with VENOMISTO

Audionamix partners with VENOMISTO

Audionamix partners with VENOMISTO

Solo artist VENOMISTO, in partnership with Audionamix, is launching a series of in-depth Video Tutorials on audio separation using the TRAX product line, inspired by his own music production process.

Be sure to subscribe to his YouTube page to stay informed when a new tutorial is available. You can also visit to watch his first two pro-tip videos featuring TRAX Pro 3 SP:

Pan-specific View

In this video, Venomisto showcases how to use the Pan-Specific spectral editing view in order to remove instrument interference in an isolated vocal. The Pan-Specific View is available in TRAX Pro 3 SP and TRAX Pro 3.

Smart Attenuate Tool

In this video, Venomisto troubleshoots drum bleed in an isolated vocal using the Smart Attenuate tool (available in TRAX Pro 3 SP and TRAX Pro 3).

VENOMISTO will also be joining us at AES NY to showcase his new TRAX Tutorial series, and to celebrate he’ll be giving away free Audionamix products every day!

Click here to register to attend AES in NY October 18th – 20th for FREE on Audionamix and meet VENOMISTO in person.

Additionally, VENOMISTO has just released his second EP, Sevens or Better. This latest offering features original compositions ranging from four-on-the-floor dance numbers, to vibrant tropical soundscapes, to otherworldly post-apocalyptic epics. Fans can stream Sevens or Better on iTunes, Spotify, and all the usual suspects. The EP is available now HERE.

Sevens or Better cover front

VENOMISTO is Dance Music for the World. Dance Music for the 22nd Century.

Audionamix at the AES Audio Forensics Conference 2017

Audionamix at the AES Audio Forensics Conference 2017

Audionamix at the AES Audio Forensics Conference 2017

Never one to shy away from broadening our horizons, Audionamix was an official sponsor of the 2017 AES International Conference on Audio Forensics in Arlington, VA!

Team members Doc and Marcin arrived from Southern California and Poland (respectively) to the historic, bustling and shockingly humid D.C. suburb on a mission: to introduce ADX technology to the Forensic Audio community and then, of course, to find out what the heck Audio Forensics is!

Ok, so naturally we are familiar with the field of Audio Forensics and its importance to criminal and civil justice, but the conference was a great opportunity for us to learn the nuts and bolts of forensic analysis, its tools and best practices, and how ADX Technology can support the critical work of audio forensics analysts.

As a sponsor of the event, we had the great honor of speaking before the attendees in the opening session. This was tasked to Product Specialist Doc, who delivered a brief history and overview of ADX tech, including a demonstration of our speech separation software ADX TRAX Pro SP. Doc extended an open invitation to all in attendance to come try the software themselves and provide their insights, critiques and expertise to help us better serve the forensics community.

The response was great! Marcin and Doc met with enthusiasts and professionals representing government agencies, private investigation firms large and small, law firms and many other fields relying on cutting edge audio forensics technology. We received positive feedback regarding our unique method of targeting speech rather than noise, as well as the non-destructive nature of our products. We also learned a great deal about the tools and ethics of forensic audio analysis, including how we can align our future developments with the legal requirements and specific workflow needs of the field. Overall, we made some new friends who gave us some invaluable advice and showed us a great time in the thick Arlington air.  

Thank you to everyone who attended for taking the time to hang out with us! Thanks, as always, to the Audio Engineering Society and a very special thank you to event co-chairs, Jeff Smith and Catalin Grigoras of National Center for Media Forensics and Daniel Rappaport of Precision Solutions, Eddy Brixen and also Douglas S. Lacey from BEK TEK and of course event co-sponsors, CEDAR, Salient Solutions, National Center for Media Forensics and iZotope!

See you in 2019!

Audio Forensics