Inception: Stem Creation

For the dream state transition scenes and the surround mixing in the 2010 Warner Brothers release, Inception, world renowned producer, Hans Zimmer requested the isolated vocal of Edith Piaf and the isolated horn section from the 1960’s recording of “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien.” As this was an older recording, these elements were never available. […]

Blues Brothers DVD

For the European release of The Blues Brothers, Universal Home Entertainment required re-mastered surround sound for their final dialogue versions. Unfortunately only stereo foreign composites were available, making the 5.1 remastered releases impossible. Using Dialogue Isolation services, Audionamix provided clean French, Italian, German, and Spanish dialogue tracks to be reintegrated in the fully remastered 5.1 […]

90210 DVD Release: Music Dissociation

When Paramount Home Entertainment wanted to release Beverly Hills 90210 (Seasons 6-8) on DVD, they discovered that the music licensing costs were so high that the release would be unprofitable. As the German version of the show existed only as a full composite mix, it was technically impossible to replace the music and release the […] – UK Based Online Banking Group

When the UK based online banking group decided to produce television commercials for their special rates, only the song by Bobby Hebb “Sunny” would do. Unfortunately the singers voice clashed with the messaging during synchronization, and no instrumental version or separated elements were available in Universal Music Group’s vaults. Audionamix had 2 solutions to […]

Donna Summers, The Remix Album

When Verve Music Group decided to put together an album of favorite Donna Summer tunes remixed by current artists, they quickly found that many of the must-have songs on their list did not have separate vocal stems. Having worked with Audionamix before, Sr. VP of Verve, Jay Landers, approached us to see if it would […]

Barbra Streisand / Elvis Presley, Partners, “Love Me Tender”

Audionamix had already worked with Barbra Streisand on her “Release Me” Album, so when she wanted to sing a virtual duet with “The King”, her team turned to us again for a separated vocal of Elvis singing “Love Me Tender”. The track turned out beautifully and was included on her 2014 album, “Partners”.

Michael Jackson x Eddie Van Halen “Beat It”

Ariana Grande ft. Iggy Azalea “Problem”

Mel Blanc, Sylvester and Tweety “I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat”

The Royal Teens “Short Shorts”

Relient K “Sadie Hawkins Dance”

Reverb Removal

Automatic Voice Activity Detection (AVAD)

ADX TRAX Pro Tip – Guide Tone

VVC 3 Quick Start Tutorial

TRAX Tutorial 1

TRAX Tutorial 2

TRAX Tutorial 3

TRAX Pro Tutorial

ADX Product Trio by Audionamix: Separate 2 Create

Snare Bleed – Pro Tips

Introducing ADX VVC 2.0 for Windows and Mac [VST, AU and AAX]

TRAX Pro 3 – Full Tutorial

Vocal Extraction with TRAX Pro 2

VVC 3 – Full Tutorial

Trax Pro 3 – New Features

ADX TRAX Pro Jimi Hendrix

ADX TRAX Pro Ed Sheeran Thinking Out Loud

ADX TRAX Pro Peter Gabriel Sledgehammer

ADX TRAX Pro House of the Rising Sun

SVC Quick Start Tutorial

SVC Full Tutorial

ADX SVC 1.5 Tutorial File Management





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