Since 2003, Audionamix has provided audio separation solutions for the entertainment industry to unlock every ounce of potential from classic content.

How Audionamix Technology Works

Our AI technology extracts specific elements from an audio file, including speech, vocals, drums and bass.

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Unmix the Mix

In a perfect world, you’d have all the stems and multitrack for every project. For the real world, there is always an undo button – Audionamix.

Dialogue Isolation

Preserve original dialogue in new, immersive upmixes. Separate dialogue from unwanted music or background noise.

Dialogue Removal

Reach new markets with foreign language dubbing. Automate M&E creation.

Music Removal

Avoid expensive music relicensing fees for digital and streaming releases. Replace cues with cost-effective alternatives.

Music Separation

Separate songs into vocals, drums, bass and remaining music stems. Create instrumentals and backing tracks.

Custom Solutions

Our Professional Services offer industry-leading solutions for content owners: musicians, studios, and digital service providers. Unlock unlimited access with our Enterprise solution.

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Transfer Service

Send your files to our in-house team of experts. We’ll handle all processing, then deliver the results back to you in your desired format.

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Integrate Audionamix technology into your own cloud-based platform. Our API offers a direct connection point to our separation servers, scalable to your needs.

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Web App

A secure, browser-based separation interface to and from our servers. Available 24/7 to quickly and effectively process all of your stemming needs.

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Unlimited separation processing for your entire organization at a flat annual rate. Fully customizable and built to your specs, with cloudless on-site processing available.

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Discover Our Products

Bring the power of Audionamix technology into your life with products for music lovers, producers, educators, and engineers.


Created for DJs, producers, and musicians, XTRAX STEMS automatically separates songs into Vocals, Drums, Bass and remaining music stems for sampling, practice and more!

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