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Frequently Asked Questions


What is ADX TRAX?

ADX TRAX is the world’s first automated audio source separation software, specifically designed to focus on separating vocal and monophonic melodic content from its associated music track. Its Multi-Algorithmic Matrix allows you to select a multitude of processing combinations to optimize separations on a wide variety of Project Source Files. An intuitive Graphical User Interface, along with industry standard navigation and editing tools, accelerates workflow and makes ADX TRAX the optimum first step in vocal and instrumental creation.

Who is ADX TRAX designed for?

ADX TRAX is intended for audio enthusiasts and professionals who want to quickly and easily isolate a vocal track or create an instrumental track, to maximize their options in reaching their creative goals.

What platforms do ADX TRAX and ADX TRAX Pro support?

TRAX, TRAX Pro, TRAX SP, and TRAX Pro SP currently support Mac OS X 10.9 through 10.13.

How much do ADX TRAX and TRAX Pro cost?

Both TRAX and TRAX Pro have multiple purchase options available, including low-cost monthly subscription plans. You can find detailed information about purchasing and what’s included with each option by visiting our ADX Shop.

Do I have to buy a subscription to use ADX TRAX or TRAX Pro?

No. While subscription plans are still available for ADX TRAX and TRAX Pro, there are also options to purchase a standard perpetual license of the software. You can find these in our ADX Shop.

Can I use a single ADX license on multiple computers?

Yes. However, you can not use the same license on multiple machines simultaneously. You must use the “Transfer License” protocol located on your account page to transfer the license between computers.

When will TRAX products be available for Windows?

Many people have asked about when TRAX, TRAX Pro and SP will be available for Windows. We recognize that the request has been out there for a while. While the overwhelming majority of audio processing and post-production happens in the Mac world, we are also aware of many producers, artists, DJs and independent audio engineers who work in Windows, and who would love to have access to the same ground-breaking technology that’s currently available to Mac users.

We hear you. And we’re working on the best way to make that request a reality. We appreciate your patience as we continue the development process.

In the meantime, we encourage you to check out SVC and VVC, our plugin tools available for both Mac and Windows versions of many major DAW solutions. While the TRAX and TRAX Pro solutions provide additional features and more complete functionality, SVC and VVC are powerful tools, allowing independent volume and pan position control over speech and melodic content within a mono or stereo mix.

Audionamix sends out all major announcements to anyone who has signed up for our newsletter. We suggest you sign up so that you will be the first to know when new products and Windows compatibility options are available. To sign up, enter your email address in the newsletter field, and click on the “sign up” button at the bottom of any page on our website.

Where can I get technical/customer support for ADX TRAX and TRAX Pro?

You can view all of our TRAX and TRAX Pro support materials on this support page. You can also also access our technical support network from within the software by going to the Help menu and clicking on the Support and Feedback option.

What types of audio files are compatible with ADX TRAX and TRAX Pro?

Currently, ADX TRAX and TRAX Pro support both stereo and mono files in WAV, AIFF, MP3, M4A, AAC, and CAF formats, up to 192kHz, 32 bit. Look for announcements regarding compatibility with other file types in the near future.

Can I use ADX TRAX and ADX TRAX Pro on any piece of recorded audio?

Technically, yes. However, always be aware of legitimate usage of copyrighted material. Most recorded audio is protected by copyrights and any use, alteration, or representation of copyrighted material without written permission of the copyright owner is subject to civil and criminal consequences. You will be held liable for any misuse of ADX products with regard to copyright infringement.

What is the difference between ADX TRAX and ADX TRAX Pro?

ADX TRAX Pro incorporates a full-frequency spectrogram and spectral editing tools that can be used as a final step in the separation process – to precisely edit and perfect isolations. Get a glimpse of what’s new in TRAX Pro here.

Why does ADX Technology rely on the cloud?

Cloud based technology allows for simple and convenient updates and upgrades to your software. This means the latest and greatest versions of ADX software are available within a click or two. ADX Technology also uses complex algorithms to separate vocals from music tracks. These algorithms typically require much more processing power than is available on the average laptop or desktop computer. With the power of cloud processing, ADX users gain access to this processing power to facilitate much faster separation results.

I tested ADX TRAX and the automated separation resulted in a vocal track that contained parts of the instrumental and, likewise, an instrumental track with remnants of the vocal. What can I do?

We suggest that you utilize all of the refinement and post processing tools within the ADX TRAX application. To become more familiar with these tools and how they work, please refer to the other resources on this support page. Here you will find numerous tips and tutorial videos that help users understand how ADX TRAX works, as well as a contact form to reach out to our support team directly. You can also use ADX TRAX Pro to further refine your results using its non-destructive Spectral Editing capabilities and tools.

Why aren’t my results as clean as the examples on your website?

The separations you’ve heard on our website were executed for our Professional Services clients by highly skilled ADX engineers, who specialize in perfecting the results of the initial ADX TRAX separations and who utilize their full access to proprietary ADX technology. ADX TRAX has been specially developed as a user-friendly product to accomplish the first and most important step in the ADX Professional Services process. If you need to refine your results further, ADX TRAX Pro provides a non-destructive spectral editor which allows you to directly edit by time and frequency. The amount of cleanup your particular results require will depend on your Project Source File, your spectral enhancement skills, and your desired result. ADX TRAX results are source-dependent, so you’ll find that certain separations require more refinement to achieve your goal. Remember that ADX TRAX and TRAX Pro are powerful tools in your engineering toolbelt, and just like any other signal processor, the more you familiarize yourself with them, the more you can accomplish with them.

What is Spectral Editing?

Spectral editing is like image editing for sound. Audio (frequencies and amplitudes over time) are displayed visually in a full-frequency Spectrogram, so that you can hone in on and target a very specific melody or percussive hit. See an example of spectral editing in action to remove drum hits here.

What is Denoise?

Our ADX Denoise tool allows you to select and learn a “noise” signal that you would like to remove from other areas in your file. You can then process other selections to remove the learned “noise” signal from the selection.

Vocal Volume Control & Speech Volume Control Plug-Ins (VVC & SVC)

How are SVC and VVC different from TRAX and TRAX PRO?

TRAX and TRAX Pro are standalone Mac-only applications designed to completely separate melodic content from a mix. VVC and SVC are cross-platform plug-ins that only work within a DAW. Although they can be used for volume adjustments of +/-12dB, neither VVC nor SVC will yield full isolations. VVC offers an easy way to manipulate relative level and pan-position of a vocal or instrument melody within a mix. SVC offers independent volume control over speech and background elements within a mix.

Can VVC create instrumentals and acapellas?

The purpose of the Vocal Volume Control plugin is to allow the user to have a certain amount of volume and panning control over the main vocal or melodic content of a mixed track. You can attain only (+-) 12dB of gain differential. Therefore, the vocal will never be completely acapella, nor will the instrumental track be completely free of the vocal. If you’re interested in creating instrumentals or acapellas, we recommend ADX TRAX Pro.

Can SVC be used for dialogue isolation?

The purpose of the Speech Volume Control plugin is to quickly and easily allow independent volume control of the speech and background content of a mixed track. You can attain only (+-) 12dB of gain differential over each element. Therefore, the dialogue will never be fully isolated. Similarly, the dialogue will not be completely removed from the background. We do offer Dialogue Isolation as an ADX Professional Service.

Can SVC control the volume of multiple voices individually?

SVC 1.0 offers a pitch range selector to help you hone in on a specific voice within a file. SVC cannot currently be set to target a single voice when multiple voices exist within the designated pitch range, and will typically separate the loudest voice in such a situation. If two voices are speaking in unison, and at the same frequency, there is currently no way to separate these voices from one another using SVC.

Is SVC compatible with any video editors?

SVC 1.0 is only officially compatible with these DAWs. Although other DAWs may work, they are not officially supported. Video Editors are not currently compatible with SVC. Reach out to with your questions and compatibility requests.

Is there any way to process multiple clips at once?

SVC 1.5  can be used to process any time selection up to 1 hour in length. VVC can be used to process any time selection up to 10 minutes in length. These selections can include multiple clips, a single clip, or a subsection of a clip.

Why is the volume level limited to -12 or +12 dB?

To maintain the quality and integrity of the source material, the volume level differential is set to + or – 12dB. If you find that you need more isolation for your project, ADX TRAX Pro may be the perfect solution for you. You can learn more about this groundbreaking technology here.

What are the system requirements for SVC and VVC?

SVC and VVC are available in VST, AU (Audio Units) and AAX Native (64-bit and 32-bit formats) for Mac OS X and Windows. For a list of supported DAWs, consult the SVC and VVC user guides. Like TRAX and TRAX Pro, SVC and VVC require a high-speed Internet connection.

Why do I need an Internet connection?

ADX technology centers around our cloud-based separation algorithms. Since this processing is done in the cloud, a high-speed Internet connection is required to use all of our products.

I’m seeing an ‘Invalid Credentials’ message, what do I do now?

If you see this message even after entering your Username and API key from your ADX Account Page please try the following:

  1. Open the Preferences window and ensure that your Username and API key are entered correctly.
  2. Add any letter at the end of your API key, then delete this extra letter.
  3. Press OK and try running a separation.

If you continue to see the message, please reach out to support.

How do I contact tech support?

Simply send us an email at and describe your issue. Our support team will get back with you as soon as possible. Our support hours are Monday to Friday 9 AM – 5:30 PM PST.


What's the difference between XTRAX STEMS and ADX TRAX Pro?

XTRAX STEMS is a fully-automatic 3-stem separator (Drums, Vocal, Rest of Music). It’s easy to use and offers no refinement tools. Due to the fact that it automatically removes drums from the track prior to the vocal isolation process, many users find that the automatic quality of the vocal extraction is superior to that available in TRAX Pro.

TRAX Pro is a powerful Vocal Isolation Software (Vocal, Rest of Music) that has advanced refinement tools to perfect vocal separations. It’s more targeted towards vocal isolations and due to the inclusion of spectral editing tools can be used to create a higher-level of isolation.

The combination of using XTRAX STEMS first and then TRAX Pro for refinement can help yield even higher quality separations.

Is XTRAX STEMS available for Windows systems?

Development for XTRAX STEMS for Windows systems is in the works. If you’re interested in getting your hands on it as soon as possible, we recommend contacting to put your name on the beta list. Those on the list will be notified as soon as a testing opportunity is available.

Cloud & File Security

How do you manage data security when audio files are uploaded to your cloud and also the processed audio that is downloaded to the plugin from your cloud?

All communications to and from the server use the HTTPS protocol and are encrypted.

Is the audio data secure in your cloud?

We use the AWS Cloud. The AWS infrastructure puts strong safeguards in place to help protect customer privacy. All data is stored in highly secure AWS data centers. You can read more about the security systems in place here.

How long do you retain the data in your cloud after being processed by the plugin?

The data that is sent to the cloud is never your actual audio file. Two representations of the sound file are sent to the server: one is a spectral representation and the audio file cannot be reconstructed from it. The other is a down-sampled version of the audio file (to 18kHz) collapsed to one channel (mono), i.e. a rather degraded version of the audio file, used for pitch detection.

Do you automatically delete the uploaded audio fragment after being processed by the plugin?

Currently, the file data is kept on the server indefinitely, as the software relies on this data to be available and is recalled whenever the session is opened.

I am working with highly sensitive source files. May I request that my file information be permanently removed from the cloud servers?

Yes! Once you have completed your project, reach out to with your request. We can manually remove all stored file information, but be forewarned that this will inhibit all further processing within your pre-existing projects.

How do I contact tech support?

Simply send us an email at and describe your issue. Our support team will get back with you as soon as possible. Our support hours are Monday to Friday 9 AM – 5:30 PM PST.

Contact Support

Our Customer Care team offers significant media industry experience, expertise, and personal dedication to help you resolve technical issues and stay productive. With a choice of several support options, you get the peace of mind you need to thrive in today’s highly competitive media industry, because at the end of the day, your success is our success.
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