Custom Solutions

AI Dialogue and Music Separation

Untapped Revenue

How much money is sitting on your shelves?

Streaming releases, international dubs, live film concerts, and immersive upmixes transform classic content into new revenue.

These projects aren’t possible without stems or a full session, and valuable catalogue assets are locked in their original state.

Unparalleled Technology

Remonetize classic content by separating music and dialogue – even when no session exists.

Our most advanced AI technology and tools are reserved exclusively for our Professional Services clients. Services that give you the power to maximize your revenue.

Dialogue Isolation
  • Preserve original dialogue in new, immersive upmixes.
  • Separate dialogue from unwanted music or background noise
Dialogue Removal
  • Reach new markets with foreign language dubbing
  • Automate M&E creation
Music Removal
  • Avoid expensive music relicensing fees for digital and streaming releases
  • Replace cues with cost-effective alternatives
Music Separation
  • Separate songs into vocals, drums, bass and remaining music stems
  • Create instrumentals and backing tracks

Services That Fit Your Specs

Our expert engineers offer custom, secure solutions to fit every project and budget. Our range of services are completely determined by your needs and price point.

Transfer Service API Web App Enterprise
Starts at $10 per separated stem Starts at $500 per month Starts at $500 per month Get Quote Now
Best In Class Algorithms
White Glove Support
24/7 On-Demand Processing
Easy to Use & Documented
Customizable Interface
Unlimited Separations
Local / Offline Processing Available
Discounted Post-Processing Services

Untapped Possibilities with Enterprise Licensing

Enterprise licensing allows unlimited separation processing for your entire organization at a flat annual rate, meaning you’re ready to take on any challenge. Fully customizable and built to specifications your infrastructure needs. The enterprise licensing solution comes ready and secure with customizable options to met your security needs:

On-site Server

A local server hosted in your facility, with no reliance on cloud processing.

Cloud-based Integration

Built into your cloud-based asset management system (Azure, AWS, etc).

Web App

A secure, browser-based separation interface to and from our servers.

"We provided the Audionamix team with a conformed English composite and an English dialogue stem, plus the music stem conformed and phased separately for each of the foreign languages. They delivered extracted foreign language dialog, with unique attention to the challenges that varied from language to language.”

John Yanez
Supervisor of Archival Mastering at Warner Bros.

“iFit uses Audionamix’s dialogue removal service; extracting dialogue while leaving natural sound on our trainer-led outdoor and studio interactive workouts. We have been thrilled with the results, allowing us to dub the dialogue into multiple languages while maintaining natural sound, giving our foreign language customers a more robust and authentic audio experience.”

Carly Sorensen
Head of Production, iFit

“Audionamix was an integral part of our post-production team. They were there for us every step of the way with fast turn-around, meticulous attention to detail and excellent communication. We will definitely work together again and look forward to it!”

Michael Orendy
Manager, Music Clearance & Licensing

Success Stories

Case Studies

Baywatch Remastered
Music Removal
Barry Manilow – 'My Dream Duets'
Vocal Extraction
Dialogue Removal for Localization
Kubrick by Kubrick
Dialogue Isolation and Restoration

Past Clients

Blade Runner

Music Removal

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Music Removal

Barbara Streisand – 'Partners'

Vocal Extraction

Beverly Hills 90210

Music Removal

Blues Brothers

Dialogue Isolation


Music Removal


Music Removal

Natalie Cole – 'Acércate Más' (ft. Nat King Cole)

Vocal Extraction

Dial 'M' for Murder

Music Removal

Donna Summer - 'Love to Love You Donna'

Vocal Extraction

Eastbound and Down

Music Removal

Edith Piaf – 'La en Rose'

Vocal Extraction

Family Ties

Music Removal

Remington Steel

Music Removal


Stem Creation

Knight Rider

Music Removal

Laverne & Shirley

Music Removal

Melrose Place

Music Removal

Mickey Mouse – Get a House!

Dialogue Isolation

West Side Story

Music Removal

Verve Records 'Verve Remixed The First Ladies'

Vocal Extraction


Stem Creation

Rod Stewart – 'What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve? (ft. Ella Fitzgerald)

Vocal Extraction

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Vocal Extraction

Sucker Punch

Instrumental Creation


Music Removal

Sylvester and Tweety

Dialogue Isolation / Vocal Extraction

Hearing is Believing

You’re invited to experience the power of separation processing through our online portal and guided demonstration with our experts.