The Professional Standard for Music Production

ADX TRAX Pro offers advanced spectral editing tools for perfecting melodic separations. Recommended for creating professional vocal and instrument isolations and samples.

  • Mac only
  • Standalone software
  • Targets Vocal and Instrumental Melodies
  • Create and export full isolations
  • Integrated Pitchogram refinement tools
  • Conservative Spectral Editor




Perpetual License


Monthly Plan

$32.99/ mo

Billed Monthly

Annual Plan

$24.99/ mo

$299.88 Billed annually

Who’s It For?

Artists, Composers and Producers

  • Create vocal and/or instrumental riffs to drop into a mix.
  • Create music beds from well-known songs to mashup and mix up.
  • Create contemporary and artistic remixes and mashups using any vocal and/or instrumental.
  • Reveal production and mixing techniques, harmonies and arrangements by unmixing elements.

Audio Engineers

  • Clean up a recording that may have mic bleed from other instruments into the vocal track.
  • Add volume to a vocal that was mixed and mastered too low.
  • Add effects and processing to a vocal or solo instrument that is already mixed without need of separate stems.
  • Precisely edit samples with use of integrated spectral editor.


  • Equip your facility with the most powerful melodic separation solution available

Content Owners

  • Repurpose licensed content with new arrangements and virtual duets

System Requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.9 – 10.13 Only
  • High Speed Internet Connection
  • CPU – Core Duo 2.3Ghz
  • RAM – 4 GB


  • Pan-specific spectral editing feature
  • Faster spectrogram for smoother, more responsive spectral editing
  • Consonants Annotation tool
  • Export files in STEMS format
  • Improved Vocal Targeting and Import Workflow
  • Non-Destructive Source Separation
  • Integrated Post-Separation Enhancement
  • Multiple Bit Depth and Sample Rate Compatibility
  • Multi-Algorithmic Processing Matrix
  • Integrated Full Spectrogram
  • Comprehensive Suite of Spectral Editing Tools