AES New York 2018

It was another great AES Show for Audionamix this year in New York City.  The response to our latest update to our most popular software, XTRAX STEMS 2 was unanimous – everyone loved the new algorithm and cleaner stem separations!  Our first real-time, cloudless...

DJing in 3D: How DJs use Music Stems with Dolby Atmos

Surround sound technology made a significant advancement in 2012 when Dolby Laboratories debuted the ultimate surround sound experience dubbed Dolby Atmos. Many movie theater chains began replacing their 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound systems for Dolby Atmos equipped...

XTRAX STEMS: Tips and Tricks

So you have just purchased your own copy of XTRAX STEMS, the world’s first automatic stem creator. Now what? Here are few tips and tricks that can be used in XTRAX STEMS. Choose a song that will be ideal for remixing or sampling. Many users of XTRAX STEMS intend to...

Watch IDC: Instant Dialogue Cleaner Fix Production Dialogue Issues

Audionamix is excited to announce its first real-time product, IDC: Instant Dialogue Cleaner plug-in. Supporting VST and AAX formats, IDC is able to reduce background noise down to -24 db with the turn of a knob. IDC works locally, with minimal processing time, and...

Joachim Garraud FB Live in Paris

"Audionamix is the only one that impressed me. This technology is amazing" - Joachim Garraud Here in our Paris office, our French Research and Development team had the chance to welcome the one and only Joachim Garraud. He came for a Facebook Live event, and it was a...

Music Expo Boston 2018

Thanks to all who turned out and joined us at Music Expo Boston! We were thrilled to have the one and only Venomisto join us and present “Unmix to Remix” for all the music producers, remixers and fans in the audience. Venomisto showcased his vocal extraction workflow...





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