Audionamix will be attending “Mix Presents Sound for Film and Television” on September 17th at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, California. This day-long conference and exhibition focuses on the process of melding sound and picture: the people that record, mix and edit, and the technology that they creatively utilize every day.

Presentations at the conference include discussions on the inspiration of sound designers, the unique work flow for musicals in film and TV, and building an immersive room for post-production. Other highlights include the Audio for VR Room, the Production Sound Pavilion, and the Sound Reel Showcase where attendees can view 10-minute reels of the newest and best sounding films.

Kim Novak stage at Sony Pictures Studios

Kim Novak stage at Sony Pictures Studios

As a part of the ever-expanding but still close-knit audio community, Audionamix is excited to attend, listen, learn, and share our revolutionary audio solutions. For more than seven years, we’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the film, television, and music industries to create and re-imagine content in ways previously deemed impossible.

Here’s a brief overview of the professional services we’ll be showcasing at the Sound For Film and Television event:

Dialogue Isolation

Using the M&E mix as a learning source, ADX technology can isolate the dialogue from a composite mix to create a true surround upmix or for other creative applications. We used this process to help Universal Home Entertainment create a remastered surround mix for Blues Brothers using only stereo foreign composites.

Music Dissociation

Using the music mix as a learning source, ADX technology separates the music from the dialogue and effects. This allows for the removal of cost-prohibitive licensed music in order to replace it with cost-effective music when the separate music stems no longer exist. This proprietary process was used to remove the music from the legendary musical “West Side Story” so that live orchestras in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, London, and others from around the world could perform the score during a presentation of the film.

Vocal Isolation

ADX technology separates and isolates the vocal from a mono or stereo song. The vocal is saved on a different track and can be refined and reused as needed. Barry Manilow, Rod Stewart, and Barbra Streisand are just a few of the artists who have used our vocal isolation service to create “virtual duets” with iconic singers when the original vocal stems were not available.

We pride ourselves in solving audio problems for the film, television, and music industries, so if you find yourself with a challenging project, reach out and let’s make Hollywood magic happen together!

Be sure to register today to attend this day of immersive audio education and networking (and of course, meet some Audionamix legends)! Discounts apply for MPSE members, CAS members, and students.