Webinar Recap: “In Depth With TRAX Pro 3 SP”

Oct 4, 2017ADX Technology, Audio Technology, Blog

Thank you to all who attended our very first Audionamix Webinar “In Depth with TRAX Pro 3 SP” on October 3rd! We had a great turnout and everyone who joined was enthusiastic about the technology and learning how to take full advantage of its features. If you weren’t able to attend, or if you want to watch it again, you can view a recording of the webinar here.

TRAX Pro 3 SP Webinar

We started with an overview of TRAX Pro 3 SP and showing how its speech separation technology can be used to troubleshoot many different issues in post-production. We reviewed:

  • Reducing and removing noise from production recordings
  • Separating dialogue from score for re-balancing or replacing music
  • Using the melodic separation features to turn down a vocal from within a song

webinar screens

After learning how TRAX Pro SP can solve some of these common issues, we had an engaging Q&A session and addressed a lot of thought-provoking questions from our attendees. Many questions focused on features of the spectral editor, so we will be hosting a spectral editing webinar in the future, giving us the chance to go in-depth with one of the most important and complex features of TRAX Pro 3 SP.


Another big appreciative THANK YOU to all of our webinar attendees! As the Product and Technical Support Specialist for Audionamix, I spend a fair amount of time going back and forth with individuals via email. It was such a treat to interact with so many of you in real time and to get a chance to showcase the ins and outs of our most powerful software. We look forward to the next session, so keep an eye on the Audionamix website and your inbox for more details.

Do you have ideas or requests for future webinar topics? Please send us a message at support@audionamix.com.